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Heidi Weissner

Owner | Designer

I grew up in the Midwest hoping one day I'd be an artist.  Realizing the term 'starving artist' was a reality, I chose a career in law.  I was fortunate enough to do some traveling after my kids were grown, and applied my background in art to my hobby in photography.

I have always been technically capable.  When home computers became a thing, I decided to build my own from scratch.  When the world wide web became a way of life, I created my first website using software and coding to record my travels while living on a sailboat.

With today's technology, the opportunities are endless and creating websites is now my passion.

Using Wix platforms, I am able to apply my creativity to build stunning, yet affordable, websites for small businesses and non profits.  As a Wix Expert and Partner, I am able to generate websites and train clients to make simple edits and maintain their websites.

Heidi Weissner


I created my first website in 2008 using Microsoft Website software and code. When web design host programs became available, I tried them all.  In 2012, my husband and I launched our own business with a product we designed and invented.  We utilized some standard web hosting sites, and then discovered Wix.  Wix has come a long way since its inception in 2007 and I have used their platform to create numerous amazing websites for clients.


I am self taught in just about everything.  I studied art at McHenry County College, and studied law in the law library of the McHenry County Courthouse in Illinois.  When I began getting into photography, I learned the ins and outs of the Adobe editing programs and learned to make stunning photographs.  I learned web design and code by trial and error.  After many years of work and research, I have now become a certified Wix Expert and Partner. 


I am a skilled photographer, photo editor, and web designer.

I am well versed in Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe programs as well as Techsmith Video Editing software.

I am familiar with SEO, Social Media platforms, advertising, and posting requirements.